The first practical dishwasher was invented by a woman named Josephine Cochran. It was a hand operated contraption that did the job. That was in 1886. In 1893 she introduced her dishwasher to the public at the World fair. The company she founded at the time eventually became KitchenAid. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the dishwasher caught on for the general public. Dishwashers aren’t exactly luxuries anymore.

How to do your own kitchen appliance reviews. How to select the best kitchen dishwasher. Kitchen appliance buying guides tend to only focus on one type or model. This buying guide shows you exactly what checkpoints to watch so you end up buying the best dishwasher for your needs!

Best Dishwasher

Color and Decoration

A good dishwasher should blend into the kitchen. Color is important – modern colors such as chrome, white or black are adaptable to every kitchen. In addition, a good dishwasher will have a smooth face with discreet controls that do nott detract from the appearance of the kitchen.

Usage and Size

One of the most important features of a dishwasher is its capacity. You want a dishwasher that maximizes the amount of dishes you can wash at once without taking up more space than it needs in your kitchen. If you have a large family, sufficient capacity should be your top priority.

Single and Double DishDrawer models

These dishwashers have drawers that slide out for easy placement and removal of dishes. The single drawer models are fairly compact and take up less vertical cabinet space.


A good dishwasher must be able to use the minimum about of water to clean dishes and must be energy efficient to help cut down on utility bills. Checking to see if an Energy Star sticker is on the dishwasher is a good indication if it’s a green appliance.


A good dishwasher will heat the water to at least 140 degrees, and have its own built in heater. Many of today’s dishwashers offer an “anti-bacterial” mode. Most of them will have a heating unit built in that will heat the water to 140 degrees F. Anti-bacterial mode will boost the water temperature to around 180 degrees.


A good dishwasher has at least three selections for cycles: a light wash, a regular wash, and a heavy wash for heavily soiled items. Additionally, the dishwasher should have an option for heated drying of the dishes or air drying for energy savings. Too many extra options are not only unnecessary, but can also be confusing and may not get used often enough to make the extra option costs worthwhile.


Many people overlook this feature only to regret it later. Look for sound deadening agents and check the decibel rating as you shop around.

Easy cleaning

If you spend more time pre-washing than you do loading and unloading, your dishwasher does not clean thoroughly enough. Save yourself time and energy make sure you get a dishwasher recognized for its ability to clean thoroughly.


A good dishwasher will have some adjustments on the inside so as to accommodate different-sized dishes and cooking items. For example, the top rack should adjust higher or lower to accommodate large (tall) items on the lower rack. The top rack should also have an area to securely hold plastics in place during the wash cycle.

Food disposal unit

The ability to clean and devour a reasonable amount of food or gravy is something that many new dishwashers are able to handle without a problem. A good dishwasher does not require dishes to be rinsed before they are loaded into the dishwasher.


Make sure to measure your old dishwasher before replacing it with a new one. It makes no sense to buy a new dishwasher that is too small or too big for the space it will occupy once you detach your old one.


You want a dishwasher that puts you in control of your detergent needs. Easy to use detergent loading ports are a big plus. It should not be a struggle to get detergent into the machine. Also, the container that holds the detergent should close and not leak.

Price and Purchase

Dishwashers have many features, but in the end they only wash dishes. There should be an economy or energy saving mode, which will be attractive to those trying to save a few bucks.

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