Pizza is a food that is taken very seriously, at least by most of the community of die-hard pizza purists.

The crust, crispiness, cheesiness, smoky flavor and piping hot temperature are some things to consider when enjoying a Neapolitan pizza.

Although, you can bake a good pizza in your kitchen’s convection oven, and take it outdoors, but it won’t be much fun as compared to a real outdoor pizza oven.

Should you invest in those humongous outdoor ovens?

Don’t fret, gone are those days when perfect pizza results meant meeting the requirements of a deep dent in the pocket and time-consuming construction skills. You really don’t need a space-hogging pizza oven in your garden that demands hard work of several days.

In recent times, several easy to install or ready to use pizza ovens have been introduced to facilitate users as much as possible.

We will review this amazing brand of pizza oven for you today named Ooni, formerly known as Uuni and we bet you will instantly start loving it!

Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven Overview

The Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven is a great tool that serves many purposes.

At its core, it is simply an oven that can amount to a 900 degrees and bake a 13” pizza in a single minute. However, once you become accustomed to using it, there’s so much more to discover within the unit.

We will crack up every bit of this appliance to give a detailed analysis of what you should be expecting after purchasing this great pizza oven.

What’s in the kit?

  • First of all, let’s talk about what is included in the kit. It consists of:
  • Ooni 3 wood-fired outdoor pizza oven
  • Wood pellet burner
  • Pizza baking stone made up of Cordierite
  • Pizza peel
  • Manual and safety instructions guide
  • Detachable door and chimney

So these are a few accessories that come within the kit and I’m sure anyone can put these together in 15 minutes or even less. There’s a manual guide to follow or a YouTube video tutorial you can easily search.

Ooni 3 Features

Build Quality and Design

The pizza oven features a stainless steel body with proper insulation to retain all the heat for efficient cooking.

The design is simple and can blend with patio furniture. Whether you have an expansive garden or a tiny backyard, the Ooni 3 can adjust well in any place.

It is sleek, shiny, and lightweight which makes it easy to move around or even take it with you in your car trunk.

As mentioned above, the door comes off easily and so does the chimney with the help of a strap clamp.

It has been designed for users’ convenience. The fire pit at the back of the oven and the chimney at the front are sufficient to cause a nice flow of heat as well as smoke ventilation. This also means that it should be placed on a table top that allows access to both the oven’s back and front.

The sides of the cooker gets hotter compared to the middle of the oven, and the oven does not remain shiny or retain it’s silver finish after continuously reaching high temperatures. However, we think that is acceptable for an oven that runs on wood.

Strong Construction

After it’s delivered to you, the oven will look very attractive and impressive on your patio.

The stainless steel used in its construction is of superb quality and is relatively strong since it can easily withstand extreme temperatures, as high as 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

The oven does look a little wonky but that is because of its light weight. And don’t worry, the light weight doesn’t mean weak material, the 439 stainless steel promises durability.

The Ooni 3 has got a new wood pellet burner and the brand claims that it provides better temperature control and consistent cooking.

There’s a tray that slides out and can accommodate pellets easily, making it convenient to handle all the wood initially and easy to clean after cooking.

To light up the wood pieces, you can either use a starter cube in the tray before placing it into the burner or you can make use of a blow torch and light the pellets when the tray (with the pellets) has been inserted in position using the blow torch hole.

Moreover, if need be, adding more pellets is not a problem since there is a dedicated pellet shoot.

Like we do already not love this appliance, the brand impresses us with dual functionality of the chimney cap; it can keep away rain or moisture as well as act as a pellet scoop – a commendable use of materials.

The oven gets heated up very quickly, from cold to maximum temperature of 932 degrees Fahrenheit within ten minutes. It heats up evenly and thoroughly so your pizza can be cooked in a consistent manner. It takes hardly a minute or two.

For user safety, the main body and the wood burner are insulated.

Cordierite Baking Stone

Another appreciable characteristic of this oven is the provided cordierite baking stone that handles high temperatures and retains heat to cook your pizza thoroughly as well as give the bottom of the crust a great finish.

You may have observed that cordierite is used in the majority of the baking stones from other pizza ovens; this is because it stores up all the heat energy efficiently.

Another great feature to add to this list is the 3 leg support which is extremely supportive on uneven surfaces with all its weight.

Also, the legs fold up easily and allow for effortless transportation.


You don’t just have to cook pizzas in them; its versatility can be measured by various other options such as roast, smoke, grill and bake- what a treat!

Fuel Source

In our humble opinion, wood fire is the ideal fuel source for a pizza oven. The wood pellets for this pizza oven are reasonably priced as well as energy-dense.

These are environment-friendly and most of all, gives your pizzas that charred, smoky flavor and aroma that is impossible to ignore.

We would highly recommend buying the Ooni 3 cover bag for protection and carrying purposes.

Ease of use

Ooni Pizza Ovens are very user friendly, that is why we recommend them as some of our top picks.

This model has been designed to make it convenient to use as well as take it with you out and about to a park, beach, campsite or a friend’s place.

The best thing is that it can be disassembled into smaller components that make it easier to transport and store.

Putting it back together is no big task; it’s very simple and takes only 10-15 minutes.

What’s more, the oven does not require a lot of hassle, many consumers rave about its simplicity and ease of use.

Simple does not mean that you expect to have great results; because it’s a wood fired pizza it needs intricate cooking knowledge. But beginners shouldn’t back away after reading this, all you need is to get a grasp the learning curve and you’ll whip up the best pizzas out of it.

As we have discussed in the previous segment, Ooni 3 Pizza Oven needs lighting which is incredibly easy and instant with wood pellets as the fuel source. Plus if you’ve got a blow torch in hand, it is even quicker. The oven then heats up in 10 minutes while you assemble your pizza or drink a glass of wine, and when it reaches 500 degrees or more, you can slide in your pizza on the pizza stone.

Since there’s no thermometer installed, it is better to buy one to monitor the temperature. We recommend an infrared thermometer gun. It’s safe, fun and accurate to use.

Try the 12” perforated pizza peel, it helps in moving the food while cooking and raising your pizza up without the bottom sticking to the stone which is a quality of a pro! Enjoy awesome wood-fired flavored pizzas in a minimum period of 60 seconds.

Is The Ooni 3 Pizza Oven For You?

This pizza oven is one of the most effortless appliances you will purchase and while still letting you have a pleasant cooking experience. It is actually an ideal option for both beginners and experts.

The oven doesn’t need much technical knowledge; there are only some tips and instructions that will give you the best bites possible.

You do not need to go on a shopping spree to look for miscellaneous accessories while assembling, everything you will need is there in the package.

For people looking for an outdoor pizza oven that is also portable, this would be their best and safest bet in terms of quality and money.

If you’re on a budget, don’t hesitate to get the amazing Ooni 3!

The temperature it reaches is ideal for a Neapolitan pizza as well as lower heat ranges that can cook all that you wish.

The Benefits Of The Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven

Fast Preheating & Fast Cooking

Saves a lot of time, especially in large gatherings and outings. As it heats up so fast, you can whip up tasty pizzas in a matter of a minute or two and happily treat your guests without having them wait long.

Can Cook Other Food Items

It can cook other food items equally perfectly, be it roasted or grilled chicken, even cookies and turkey can be delicious when baked in this oven.

Straightforward Usage

Whatever is your level of expertise, you can easily cook pizzas and other savories with a little bit of attention and practice.


It is very affordable as compared to other ovens with similar performance and features.

Check the latest price here.

Well Insulated & Safe

The main body is well insulated as well as the door handle, which makes it safe to use even while the cooking is in process.

Body insulation also ensures that the heat gets reflected back to the pizza stone which is a great feature considering the internal temperature remains consistent throughout.

Can be healthy

Depending on the toppings you use, people who follow a strict healthy lifestyle can also benefit from this oven, as all the nutrients and juices remain intact due to the food being cooked with the help of fire.

Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven Pros and Cons

In our opinion, this machine is one of a kind. But every appliance has got its pros and cons.

So let us now tell you what we think are the good things about this pizza oven and what we think it lacks:


  • The most highlighted positive about this oven is its price! Ooni charges about a tenth of what some wood fired ovens will cost you and there is absolutely zero percent of compromise in quality and functionality.
  • The sleek and stylish design is very becoming. At the same time it is sturdy and durable.
  • The taste and the crispiness (of both crust and base) plus that aroma of a wood fired pizza take the whole experience to another level. It makes you ecstatic to see such amazing results coming out of a compact thing like Ooni 3!
  • As mentioned earlier, it is lightweight and portable so wherever you go, take this with you and have a good time with your family and friends while enjoying delicious pizzas.
  • You can make a variety of other food – from sourdough naans to banana breads and many other scrumptious options.
  • It can literally whip up a pizza in 60 seconds so there’s no stopping after that shortness of time!
  • Easy storage and compactness lset you store the oven indoors.
  • The peel and the cordierite stone are very helpful tools provided by the brand.


  • According to a few customers, the inside of the oven gets very hot and sooty. This might affect the taste and look of pizzas being baked as it can fall into the food. But this only happens if you’ve been using the oven for a long time or there are too many wood pellets.
  • You need to pay attention while the pizza is cooking because the back of the pizza oven is hotter than the front. This is because the wood pellets burn at the back and push the flames to the front. You can overcome this by rotating the pizza two or three times during cooking for perfectly cooked pizza.
  • The company should provide wood pellets but they don’t.
  • This pizza oven is in high demand and may not be available as often as people would like.


Does this oven use pellets only? Can I also use wood pieces?

This cooker is specifically made for pellets only. However, there are other Ooni ovens that use wood pieces.

Can it be used for other purposes like BBQ?

Yes, it definitely has other cooking alternatives. You can roast, grill, bake and smoke on it.

How should I know what temperature the oven has reached?

It is advised to purchase a laser thermometer or any other will do too.

How long does it take to cool so that I can disassemble to store?

It takes a little more than half an hour to completely cool down for storing. Meanwhile, you can clean up the dishes.

What is the space measurement between 3 legs?

The legs are almost 18 inches apart.

How wide is the front opening? What is the maximum clearance above the stone?

13 inches wide and 4.3 inches, respectively.

Will it operate with coal?

No, it would not function the way it does with either coal or wood pieces.

Final Thoughts

The Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven has been built with great thought and is an improved version of the older model Ooni 2S.

We recommend this oven to every pizza lover searching for the ideal appliance especially if a wood fired slice floats your boat.

It is highly portable, gives splendid results in no time, is very affordable and is easy to use for beginners.

We’ve enlisted almost each and every aspect of this oven. And consumers who are using it cannot be more satisfied with its longevity and performance. But then, it all depends on you

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