Consumers will find that there are tons of appliances available to help make food in a way that is fast and convenient. One appliance that will provide the user with many of these benefits is a deep fryer. Deep fried food can be delicious, but the conventional methods for preparation can be a bit of a chore.

With a professional style deep fryer, consumers get an appliance that provides superior results and ease of use. For a product that offers great convenience, consumers should check-out the waring deep fryer.

Features of the Waring electric deep fryer

These appliances are not only designed to make the task of deep frying easier, but they also come loaded with features to help make a better quality of food. To get the best deep fryer for your money, a consumer should look into the features of the different models that are in their price range.

  • Removable immersion style heating element
  • 1800-watts of heating power
  • 2.3 pound food capacity
  • Removable 1-gallon enamel-coated oil-container
  • One large and two small mesh baskets
  • Electronic control panel
  • Digital control display with 60-minute timer and temperature control
  • Cool-touch collapsible basket handles
  • Viewing window on the lid
  • Unit can fit the one large or two small baskets at the same time
  • Brushed stainless steel finish

Pros and Cons

Having an electric deep fryer will provide the user with a variety of benefits and the Waring deep fryer is no exception. The electronic controls with the digital display make this unit very easy to use and they provide the user with the ability to accurately control temperature and cooking time.

Cooking with the one large basket allows the user to prepare a large amount of a single food and the two smaller baskets make it possible to simultaneously cook smaller amounts of two separate foods.

The convenience of this unit also extends to the cleaning and maintenance. With removable parts, this model is very easy to clean and maintain. Most consumers will be very pleased with how easy this machine makes the preparation of fried food. Click Here to get the Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

Who will like the Waring electric deep fryer?

Anybody that indulges in the pleasure of fried food will find this product to be a great addition to their kitchen. It provides all of the convenient features of a professional deep fryer in a model that fits right on the countertop. With accurate temperature control, this model helps the user to get great results and features like the timer help to make it very convenient. It is definitely safer and easier than frying with conventional methods and the fryer is very easy to setup and get started. It works-well, it is convenient and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, so anybody that is looking to fry food without a lot of hassle will be satisfied with the performance of this model. This unit has the option of one large or two smaller baskets, if you are looking for alternative fryers that also have two basket space, check out the Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element Deep Fryer which is a very popular product. Both of these fryers will do the trick, it comes down to your budget and which one you like best.

This is a deep fryer that really hits on all of the points that most consumers will look for. It definitely makes the task easier and its ability to hold a stabile temperature helps to provide a better quality of results. Along with performing well and being convenient, the Waring Professional deep fryer will also look great in any kitchen.


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